.Jack Lampman Antiques

A nice 17th century iron thumbscrew torture device. 500.00

​22 1/2" H X 20 1/2" W still life painting by Willi Andersen featuring a painting within a painting.


7" long cold painted Austrian bronze Lizard. 450.00

6 1/2" W X 9" H (plaque without frame) 19th century Italian pietra dura plaque in original frame. 800.00

​Early grain painted wall hanging salt box. 250.00

​Clewell pottery vases. The tall blue green one measures 7  1/2" Left 400.00 right 300.00

Moses (Clarissa) Russell portrait Miniature of a child. Signed and dated 1845 on the reverse. 5,000.00

Nice pair of signed E.T. Hurley bronze candelabra. 800.00

9 1/2" tall X 7" wide totai shippo or "tree bark" cloissone vase. 500.00

A nice pair of left and right hand 19th century staffordshire whippets. 300.00

​A couple of pairs of early French brass candlesticks. In the middle 400.00 the pair. On the ends 600.00 the pair

Amphora pottery vase. 300.00

​13" KPM porcelain allegorical group


9 1/2" H X 5 1/2" W Marblehead Pottery cylinder vase. 600.00

​This Art Deco cocktail 8 pick set measures 5 1/2" across the wooden base X 4 1/2" tall and is made of chrome plastic wood and leather. Marked H.P. Depose and Made in France. 250.00

Chryselephantine figure by Theodore Ullmann titled "The lute player". Marked "Made in Austria" with the Artist name and foundry mark. The figure measures 6 1/2" and the column behind measures11". The onyx base measures 7" Wide X 1 1/4" high. The figure is factory constructed as a lamp and this lamp comes with the original shade frame ready for covering. 600.00

A variety of vintage fountain pens. Parker, Waterman, Fairchild, Bankers Pen, Morrison's, and Moore.

​1941 Chelsea Mark I Navy deck clock. 7 1/8" across the bezel and in excellent running condition. 250.00

8 3/4" Wide X 9 1/4" High X 1 1/2" Deep ceramic plaque by Finnish ceramist Birgir Kaipiainen. 1,000.00



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Chinese export cane. 33" malacca shaft with scenic Chinese silver cap. 300.00

​3 3/4" German enamel glass beaker dated 1669. Probably a retrospective example produced by Fritz Heckert in the late 19th century. 200.00

​4 3/4" X 4 3/4" Georgian satinwood tea caddy with inlaid shell decoration. 300.00

A "Bloody Cup" from the 1896 coronation of Tsar Nicholas II. No damage to the enamel with most of the gilding intact. 400.00

A bronze of a sleeping Bachus on a marble plinth by Max Bachmann dated 1908. 17" total.1,000.00

18th century Sceaux faience box. Signed. 350.00

​10 and 14 Karat gold thimbles.

​22 1/2" Hagenauer figure constructed of wood copper and brass. 3,500.00



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3 1/2" cameo cut and enameled Daum Nancy cabinet vase. 1,000.00

A life size Italian marble bust. SOLD

14 1/2" painted cast brass lighthouse lamp (needs new wiring). 250.00

Black Forest carved and bronze mounted inkstand. 11 1/2"  wide X 7 1/2" tall. SOLD

A pair of 10 3/4" Longwy cylinder vases made into lamps. Overall height of 24". 300.00 for the pair

Late 19th century 10" Royal Vienna portrait plate signed F. Tenner. 400.00

29" Bronze by Paul Eugene Mengin from the Susse Fres. foundry. 4,000.00

11" Tall Old Paris figures. 500.00 the pair.

Black Forest carved picture frame. 13" height. SOLD

Vienna enamel on silver cream and sugar.  3 3/4" to the top of the creamers dragon handle. 1,400.00

Barbedienne bronze 13 1/4" tall including plinth.